Dear Customers,

I am Justus Keenan, owner and operator of Keenan Foam Insulation. I am passionate and confident in the benefits of spray foam insulation and would like to inform you of the most common questions and concerns surrounding this product.

What are the savings?

-Honeywell recently built test homes in both northern and southern climates. The conclusion found was that the homes insulated with spray foam compared to traditional fiber glass saved homeowners 56% on their heating bills and 53% on their cooling bills.

-The colder it is the more you save. Fiber glass companies test its effectiveness in a controlled 32 degree climate. What is not commonly known is that fiber glass loses its efficiency as the temperature drops and is adversely effected by wind. However, spray foam insulation is not effected by rising or falling temperatures and other weather conditions. Therefore, it maintains a consistent efficiency level; saving you money.

-The initial investment in spray foam insulation is more than fiber glass; however your savings lead to an average four year payback period.

What are the other benefits valued by current customers?

-More important than the money saved from spray foam are the long lasting living comforts it provides. Due to an isolated climate zone, our customers experience the elimination of mold, mildew, humidity and condensation which help to prevent allegories and other sicknesses throughout the year.

-The increased comfort level is due to the elimination of drafts, cold floors, and frustrations with regulating temperatures.

-Spray foam also increases the structural integrity of your home, the reduction of noise levels, and creates a fire and smoke barrier.

I encourage you to call with any questions concerning spray foam insulation. I am happy to address any individual concerns that you have, along with working directly with you and your contractor. Our goal is to deliver a quality product as efficiently as possible to best suit your needs.

Thank you,

Justus Keenan

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